Inauguración sede permanente INMEGEN

President Felipe Calderón inaugurate the permanent headquarters of the National Institute of Genomic Medicine (INMEGEN)

The C. President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, in the event entitled “A Health tomorrow”, inaugurated the permanent headquarters of the National Institute of Genomic Medicine (INMEGEN), National Institutes of Health dedicated to scientific research of the genomic structure of Mexican populations and epidemiological needs. He was accompanied by the Secretary of Health, Salomon and Woldenberg Chertorivski, and the General Director of INMEGEN, Dr. Xavier Soberon Mainero.


Researchers receive award INMEGEN “Capital City: Heberto Castillo Martinez 2012″

The Government of the Federal District and the Institute of Science and Technology of the Federal District, ICyT under the theme “Through the generosity of sharing knowledge,” Capital City Awards were presented: Heberto Castillo Martinez 2012, with the aim of recognizing the contributions made by 66 scientific and American scientists whose career in research and / or technological development and innovation in the areas of urban Technology, Health, Environment, science and Education basic and impact of science in society, have contributed significantly to increased knowledge use and for society.


Seminar “Phylogeny and mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in native American”

Mexico City, Friday, September 28, 2012
PhD Muñoz explain its research develop in mitocondrial DNA phylogenetic studies which objective is study population migrations from sequencing bones to get information about old and pre-hispanic populations at molecular level


Seminar “Advances in the analysis of lung adenocarcinoma: importance of the environment and cancer-initiating cells”

Mexico City, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
PhD. Sweet Cordero based its speach en twoo parts: a) Analysis fibroblasts role associated with lung adenocarcinoma, b) Identifying cancer-initiating cells.
Concluded by noting that cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFS) may have a role in oncogenesis and furthermore mentioned IL6 and CLCF are cytokines secreted by CAFS which play an important role in tumor growth.


Miguel Aleman Foundation gave to INMEGEN research the award Medical Research Incentives “Miguel Alemán Valdés”

Mexico City, September 12, 2012

Within Collaboration Agreement of Miguel Aleman Valdes AC Foundation with National Autonomus Mexico University, Health Secretary and Science and Technology Institute of Federal District, on september 12, 2012, it was held the 25th Medical Research Ceremony Incentives “Miguel Alemán Valdés”.

. From INMEGEN received incentives , PhD. Lorena Orozco Orozco; PhD. Barbara Patricia Antuna and PhD. Sandra Romero Hidalgo.


National Institute of Genomic Medicine, realized the second edition of the course “Technologies for Genetic Analysis” in coordination with the Broad Institute and the Institute of Health Carlos Slim

Mexico City, September 7, 2012

Within the academic activities series will be conducted this year under the Slim Genomic Medicine framework, last september 6th and 7th it was realized the course “Technologies for genetic analysis” where participated Institute Carlos Slim Health, the Broad Institute and the National Institute of Genomic Medicine.
The event was held at principal Auditorium of INMEGEN and participated national and international academic experts in application of genomics technologies area . Through series of talks, more than 500 attendees from National and International Research Centers, reviewed issues related to the latest technologies for data analysis in genomic area and also advances in sequencing samples both costs and processes.