Seminar “Na- KATPase, from transgressor to hormonal recipient”


Sesión General "Bomba Na-KATpasa"

Mexico City / Friday, April 29, 2011

On Friday, April 29, 2011, was held at INMEGEN Auditorium, Torre Zafiro, the Seminar “Na- KATPase, from transgressor to hormonal recipient”, Coordinated by Dra. Lorena Orozco, Medical Research Deputy Director from INMEGEN and given by Dr. Marcelino Cerejido Mattioli, from Phisiology Biophisic and Neuroscience Department of CINVESTAV, IPN.

Dr. Cerejido explain the functions of the Na-KATPase known as a pump that drives the transport of substances through the plasma membrane and epithelial. It is also a receptor that binds to the oubaina hormone and depending on dose and cellular communication takes off and kills cells through a mechanism called chain reactions PA.

He also explained that the Na-KATPase is also an adhesion molecule, which normally is expressed only in the region of the plasma membrane with a skin cell is attached to its neighbor and this localization depends on the portions extracellular Na-KATPase of neighboring cells join.

Finally, he explained that these three identities of the pump, are crucial factors that form the border epithelia exchange between organisms and the environment.

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