National Institute of Genomic Medicine, realized the second edition of the course “Technologies for Genetic Analysis” in coordination with the Broad Institute and the Institute of Health Carlos Slim


Mexico City, September 7, 2012

Within the academic activities series will be conducted this year under the Slim Genomic Medicine framework, last september 6th and 7th it was realized the course “Technologies for genetic analysis” where participated Institute Carlos Slim Health, the Broad Institute and the National Institute of Genomic Medicine.
The event was held at principal Auditorium of INMEGEN and participated national and international academic experts in application of genomics technologies area . Through series of talks, more than 500 attendees from National and International Research Centers, reviewed issues related to the latest technologies for data analysis in genomic area and also advances in sequencing samples both costs and processes.
Inauguration was held in the Auditorium of INMEGEN Permanent Headquarters and was attended by its Dr. Maria de los Angeles Fernandez, Director of Educational Programs & Outreach of INMEGEN and Dr. Marisa Cortes, Coordinator of Initiative Slim Genomic Medicine and Dr. Miguel Betancourt, Director of Global Solutions of Institute of Health Carlos Slim.
The first presentation was given by PhD. Chad Nusbaum, Chief Scientific of Broad Institute Laboratories of Technology, who established the relationship between DNA sequencing and scientific research in the new era of sequencing noting that improvements in this technology have enabled remarkable scientific advances, while simultaneously driving new targets for the development of major technological advances. Later, Maura Costello, Scientific in development of processes in platform genomic at Broad Institute, provided an overview of current sequencing platforms and stressed the importance of next generation of these technologies, of good laboratory practice and its applications.
Meanwhile, Andrew Crenshaw, Director of Operations and Development of arrangements and expression at Broad Institute, reviewed genotyping technologies currently available and the key factors to ensure its quality. Likewise, PhD. Wendy Winckler, Scientific Director of Broad Institute genomic platforms, described the new sequencing technologies for gene expression, its current applications and provided some examples of them.
In the afternoon, PhD. Jorge Melendez Zajgla, Deputy Director of Basic Research of INMEGEN spoke about genotyping and sequencing technologies used in INMEGEN such as DNA Analyzer, some Illumina and Affymetrix platforms and also about the services offered related to this issues. For his part, PhD. Luis Herrera Estrella, Director of National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity (LANGEBIO) addressed the sequencing technologies used in LANGEBIO well as the genome sequencing projects of some species such as avocado and finally PhD. Alejandro Sanchez Flores, head of bioinformatics Support Unit University (UUAB) of UNAM in his talk addressed the issue of sequencing bioinformatic analysis of data and the different projects with various national and international institutions.
On September 7 opened many opportunities for discussion with specialists, in order to answer questions and delve into the issues discussed during the first day of activities.

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