Miguel Aleman Foundation gave to INMEGEN research the award Medical Research Incentives “Miguel Alemán Valdés”


Mexico City, September 12, 2012

Within Collaboration Agreement of Miguel Aleman Valdes AC Foundation with National Autonomus Mexico University, Health Secretary and Science and Technology Institute of Federal District, on september 12, 2012, it was held the 25th Medical Research Ceremony Incentives “Miguel Alemán Valdés”.

Ceremony was attended by Dr. Adolfo Martínez Palomo, Health Coordinator of Miguel Aleman Foundation; Dr. Armando Ahued Ortega, Secretary of Health of Federal District; Lic. Jorge Alemán Velasco, Patronage Chairman of Foundación Miguel Aleman; Dr. José Narro Robles, Rector of National Autonomous University of Mexico; Dr. Alejandro Carrillo Castro, Director General of Miguel Aleman Foundation and Dr. Julio Gregorio Mendoza Alvarez, Director General of Institute of Science and Technology of Federal District and the 41 winning researchers and members of the scientific community in Mexico.

Incentives for Medical Research Award “Miguel Alemán Valdés” aims to promote actions that gain the welfare and social work unit in the search for higher goals in the field of health, in promoting excellence in the advance of knowledge , prevention and control of diseases that affect and it may affect Mexican population.

From INMEGEN received incentives , PhD. Lorena Orozco Orozco, Deputy Director of Medical Research for the project “Genetic factors that contribute to development of diabetes mellitus type 2 in rural and mestizo indigenous families from Mexico City; PhD. Barbara Patricia Antuna, Research in Medical Sciences C by the project “Comparing irisin circulating levels before and after exercise in people with different BMI” and PhD. Sandra Romero Hidalgo, Research in Medical Sciences C by the project “Assessment of population serum adiponectin levels in a national probability sample of women’s receptivity ISSSTE beneficiaries”

INMEGEN congratulates researchers for have being qualifying for award, which is an example of such significant achievements of scientific work carried out by the Institute to improve the quality of life and health of Mexicans.

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