the International Meeting in Genomic Medicine: Challenges in Research and Social Impact.


Mexico City, October 22, 2010.

Genomic Medicine goes on to global level and Mexico is no the exception. Ten years to publication of first human genome sequence, National Institute of Genomic Medicine (INMEGEN) celebrated on October 21 and 22, the International Meeting in Genomic Medicine: Challenges in Research and Social Impact.

In the opening Session were present PhD. Manuel Ruiz de Chavez, President of National Medicine Academy in Mexico, PhD. Jaime Serra Puche and Ms. Laura Diez Barroso de Laviada, both members of INMEGEN Board, Lic. Jorge Arevalo Chavez, Board Secretary, Dr. Carlos Fuentes, Chief of Genetic Department of Subdepartment Research from National Institute od Psichiatry, Dra. Hilda Villegas Castrejón Deputy Research and Dr. Norberto Leyva Garcia, Director of Medical Genetic, both from National Institute of Rehabilitation; Dr. Felix Recillas Targa, Chief Mollecular Department from Fisiology Cellular Institute from UNAM and PhD. Gloria Soberon Chavez, Deputy Director of Biomedic Researches of UNAM.

During opening message, PhD. Dr. Soberon highlighted National Institute of Genomic Medicine in next months starts a new era, which in order to complete the research staff to carry out the goles stablish in five-year plan 2009-2014. in the same way, He stressed to audience “during meeting, it will be exposed a selection of more than 40 Research Project that are already develop in INMEGEN to know more about what is develop and promote a scientific link.

International Meeting had 4 Simposiums: Cancer Genome, Challenges and tendence; Genomic of Complex Illness and Genome Medicine in the Medical Education of Century XXI; 4 Magestirial Conferences and 1 closed Conference titled Genome and Society; in which was raise the subject legal and ethic issues to what faced this new discipline. In the Meeting, participated more than 20 national and international experts of academy excellence in genome area all of them come from National Institute of Cancerology, National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubiran, National Institute of Social Insurance, Carlos Slim Health Center, National Center of Genomic Analisis (CGA) from Spain, Institute of Cellular Phisiology, Center of Genomic Sciences, Institute of Biotechnology, Institute of Legal Researches and Faculty of Medicine of National University Autonomus of Mexico, National Center in implementation and Imagenology of University Autonomus Metropolitan and Stanford and Vanderbit University (USA)

The 750 participants come from National and International Research Centers, could review through different discussion tables actual issues like population genome, epigenetic, medical proteom, genome of autoinmune illness, diabetes mellitus, addictions, functional genome of oncogenesis, educational and personalized medicine, innovation in science life, among others.

Closed Ceremony was preside for Dr. Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, Minister of Health; PhD. Xavier Soberon Mainero, General Director of INMEGEN; PhD. Alessandra Carnevale, Research Director fron INMEGEN; PhD. Ruben Lisker, Research Director of National Institute of Science Medical and Nutrition Salvador Zubiran and Dr. Santiago March, Director of Education and Outreach of INMEGEN.


Micrositio del Encuentro Internacional de Medicina Genómica



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