Worshop Gene Pattern IGV


Mexico City / Friday October 15, 2010

Mexico City.- On Friday October 15, 2010, started the Worshop GenePattern IGV, organized by Carlos Slim Institute of Health. The oppenening count with the presence of  PhD. Miguel Betancourt Cravioto, Globla Solutions Director, of Carlos Slim Institute of Health;  by part of Broad Institute were present PhD Marissa Cortes Peña, Sigma Proyect Coordinator, MsC. Ted Liedfield, Chief Software Architect of Genomic Cancer Program and PhD. Jim Robinson, Senior Software Engineer of Genomic Visualizations Tools; and Dr. Santiago March Mifsut, Director of Education and Outreach of INMEGEN.

The Workshop has as objective introduce to researches into Gene Pattern a genomic analysis platform, which allows the access to 125 tools for databases analysis, as well as to develop, catch and reproduction of theme; and talk about Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV), an interactive visualization tool for analysis genome databases.

Dr. Santiago March Mifsut, said that this workshop is the first in Latin America, and that it is part of Slim Initiative in Genomic Medicine whose objective is count with a scientfic and technologic exchange.

By his part, PhD. Miguel Betancourt mentioned that the worshop is the first that offered the Slim Initiative in which participate researches from 17 Institutions of Mexican Republic highlighting UNAM, el ISSSTE, el IPN, and others Institutes like National Institute of Nutrition and Health, Public Health Institute, Cancer Institute, Genomic Medicine Institute, Respiratory Illness Institue among others. Besides that, he stand out the importance of genomic nets integration in a national level as well as the develop of human capital in this area.

in the other hand, PhD. Cortes thanks the INMEGEN, Broad Institute and Carlos Slim Institute of Health collaboration for the execute of the workshop

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