Epidemiology and Genomic of allergic identities in Mexico

Mexico City / Friday, October 8, 2010

On Friday, October 8, it was held al INMEGEN Auditorium, the General Session “Epidemiology and Genomic of allergic identities in Mexico”, Coordinated by PhD. Lorena Orozco Orozco, Deputy Director of Medical Research and given by PhD. Javier Gomez Veral, Chief of Allergie Service from Regional Hospital Adolfo Lopez Mateos from ISSSTE and MSc. Silvia Jiménez Morales, Research Associate from INMEGEN.

PhD. Gomez explained Asthma, heredity illness and public health problem, has prevalence in Mexico of 6% in child people, having an increase in the last years and decreased of illness.

In the other way MSc. Silvia Jimenez, Research Associate, explained its research work about Asthma in Mexico, which had as aim identity those genes that participate in asthma ethiology in mexican pediatric people.

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