Seminar “Hypertension: integration of clinical, genomics and physiology”


Mexico City, D.F. / Friday, August 26, 2011

On Friday, July 29, 2011 it was carried out in the INMEGEN Auditorium, the Seminar  “Hypertension: integration of clinical, genomics and physiology”, Coordinated by PhD. Jorge Melendez, Assistant director of Basic Research of INMEGEN and given by Dr. German Gamba from National Institute of Medical Research and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán.
Dr. Gamba explain their work research based on identifying the thiazide DNA encoding, which remove water and sodium in the body.

He also mentioned that he and his team are working on the study of angiolesina II with the goal of characterizing the response of patients treated with low-salt diet, high potassium, which are given in angiotesina II influencing on aldosterone production which plays an important role in kidney damage.

To see the video, click HERE

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