Seminar “Genome wide association studies and HIV: What are the next steps?”


Mexico City / Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On Tuesday, June 21 it was carried out in the INMEGEN Auditorium, the Seminar “Genome wide association studies and HIV: Whar are the next steps?, Coordinated by PhD. Jorge Melendez Zajgla, Assistant director of Basic Research of INMEGEN and given by PhD. Cheryl Ann Winkler, Senior Investigator and Head, Molecular Genetic Epidemiology Studies Section from Cancer Research Institute of NIH, USA.

She explained her research focused on genes associated in the cycle and the immunity of the HIV virus, using wide genome studies through Illumina and Affimetrix platforms. She highlighted the nephropatía associated with the HIV (HIVAN) happens in 10 % of the African descendants and which are not treated by the HIV Virus. Nevertheless, she indicated that this is observed in Not African people.

With this research, it has been demonstrated that only a small part of the phenotypes is explained and also the wide genome studies do not cover all the SNP’s. In addition, she highlighted the importance of using the new technologies as the arrangements of new generation for the study of the Asian variation that would enrich the research.

She concluded by noting the new focus on research, excelling in vitro viral infection and the use of integrated systems such as proteomics, metabolomics and genomics.

To see the video, click HERE

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