Article “Hallazgos en Genómica de Cáncer de Cabeza y Cuello”


Head and neck cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world. These tumors are aggressive, multifocal and difficult to treatment. The survival prospects have not changed in recent years, so it is essential get to know the present the genomic events in this disease.

Within the project “Slim Initiative for Genomic Medicine”, the MIT Broad Institute and Harvard, together with various institutions including National Institute of Genomic Medicine, performed the most detailed genomic analysis to date in this neoplasm.

To this purpose,  it were sequenced all genes (exome) of 74 tumors and its normal counterparts, in order to identify the most common mutations in these neoplasms. One of the most important findings was the identification of new mutations in genes associated with the regulation of cell differentiation such as Notch family genes. These findings open the possibility to new diagnostic markers and, eventually, therapy. These results were published on 28 July in the journal Science.

Por parte del INMEGEN participaron en el análisis de los datos la Dra. Claudia Rangel Escareño, Coordinadora del Grupo de Análisis en México; el MCC. Juan Carlos Fernández López, Responsable de los Análisis de Genómica Poblacional; el Dr. Alfredo Hidalgo Miranda, Coordinador del Subproyecto de Cáncer de Mama, y el Dr. Jorge Meléndez Zajgla, Coordinador General del Proyecto de Cáncer de la “Iniciativa Slim para la Medicina Genómica”, por parte de México. Este trabajo forma parte de los esfuerzos del Consorcio Internacional del Genoma del Cáncer (ICGC), en el que participa México.

By INMEGEN participated in data analysis Dra. Claudia Rangel Escareño, Coordinator of the Analysis Group in Mexico; MCC. Juan Carlos Fernandez Lopez, Head of  Analysis of Population Genomics; Dr. Alfredo Hidalgo Miranda, Coordinator OF Subproject  Breast Cancer and Dr. Jorge Melendez Zajgla, General Coordinator of Cancer Project “Slim Initiative for Genomic Medicine “. This work is part of  International Consortium Cancer Genome (ICGC) efforts, in which Mexico takes part.

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