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Improving Mental Health Care: The Global Challenge
Improving Patient Care - The Implementation Of Change In Health Care
Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Diagnosis And Clinical Management
Knowledge Translation In Health Care - Moving From Evidence To Practice 2E
Leadership In Psychiatry
Liver Transplantation - Clinical Assessment And Management
Manual Of Perioperative Care - An Essential Guide
Medical And Health Genomics
Medical Decision Making
Medical Imaging: Essentials For Physicians
Metabolic Phenotyping In Personalized And Public Healthcare
Micrornas In Medicine
Molecular Epidemiology Of Chronic Diseases
Muscle Disease - Pathology And Genetics
Neurological Disorders Due To Systemic Disease
Neurostimulation - Principles And Practice
Neurovascular Examination - The Rapid Evaluationof Stroke Patients Using Ultrasound Waveform Interpretation
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - A Practical Guide
Nonsense Mutation Correction In Human Diseases
Nutrition And Development - Short And Long Term Consequences For Health
Nutrition For Sport And Exercise - A Practical Guide
Occupational Therapy And Older People 2E
Oral Medicine And Medically Complex Patients
Osteoporosis - Diagnosis And Management
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery 4E